If you hold a Full cave diver license I can guide you through different kind of flooded caves in the Yucatan. The first dive commonly is a warm up in order to get to get to know the each other and make adjustments in configuration (if  needed) The warm up requires a generous open waters area and passages with lots of room and good visibility conditions

While cave diving days advance we can add complexity to the adventures

If you hold a multistage license we can choose what cenote to penetrate, where to drop off the stage keeping allways in mind that gas managment it is determined by the cave´s size.

If you are an advanced sidemount cave diver we can have have in minor and mayor restrictions!

And so on. 

Have you done your cave dpv training? I can show you many breathtaking navigations wich might colaborate to change your diving perspective: from attempting traverses to cruise through hole cave systems.